Guias Lost Ark

Housing – State

Housing Es una Isla personal que donde puedes enviar barcos a misiones, craftear items.puedes recorrer la isla para mejorar...

Torre Demoniaca

TORRE DEMÓNICAContenido individual Todos los aventureros que querían conquistar las...

Sala de la Reminiscencia

Sala de la ReminiscenciaContenido individual Si desea revivir sus recuerdos...

Sala de Entrenamiento

Sala de EntrenamientoContenido individual Accesible tocando un instrumento musical, la Sala...

Navegación – Mar

VIAJESContenido individual Cuando viajes por el mar, las tormentas pueden...

Guardian Raid

GUARDIANS RAIDContenido diario 1 ~ 4 jugadores Con una vida...


MÚSICAContenido individual En Lost  Ark , cada clase tiene su propio instrumento. ...

Misión de Epona

Misiones Epona Contenidodiario e individual Completa misiones recomendadas por Ignea...

Buena Relación

Siera Prideholme (Retharmis)Ir al Mapa Tiempo requerido: 10d Requisitos: La...

Mazmorra Secreta

Mazmorra SecretaContenido regular: 1 ~ 4 jugadores Hay lugares invisibles...

Legendary Avatars

Legendary Avatars are new to Season 2. Unlike the Heroic Avatars that you’re already familiar with, Legendary Avatars provide 1% more Main Stat each, as well as 5 additional Affinity attributes (Intellect, Bravery, Charm, or Kindness). 1% more main stat roughly equates to about 0.5% more Attack Power.The only way to get them, besides buying them from other players if your region permits it, is to use a jar item in the cash shop to take Fabric and RNG it among a pool of Heroic Avatars. Any non-free non-event costume can be dismantled into 7 Fabric, or 14 if it’s a suit that occupies the top and bottom. This amount is static and is not RNG.

Right click the jar and you’ll get this interface. You can choose which class you want to use the Fabric for from the scrolling menu beneath the jar, as well as the specific avatar slot you want to try to gamble on. On the right, you can see the pool of items the jar can create, as well as buttons to preview them. You can see the cost of Fabric below. All items will typically cost 14 Fabric to attempt to RNG a new costume. So, 2 dismantled costumes for a chance at a Legendary one.

Costumes that you acquire through this jar are bind-on-equip, meaning they can be sold.
On average, players in KR observed that you obtain a Legendary avatar about 1 in 8 attempts, with varying probability surrounding it.

The cost to obtain a Legendary Avatar set seems very severe, however given the amount of extra damage it provides is constant, it remains relevant forever even as you move through new sets of items, and it contributes towards passing the AP Gate, they are often HIGHLY worth the money investment. At least, compared to upgrading beyond +15.

To give a frame of reference, 1% more Main Stat for me right now would be the damage increase equivalent of upgrading one of my armor pieces from +15 to +24. And I guarantee you it is beyond cheaper to get the Legendary Avatar than to pursue that.


One last note, once you have a Legendary Avatar equipped, it’ll actually unlock a skin slot. This way, you can wear your favorite costume over it while maintaining the positive stats of the Legendary Avatar. The skin slot is only available while a Legendary Avatar is equipped (there’s not really another reason to have it).

Credit by Saintone’s

This is information aggregated during my time playing Lost Ark on the Korean servers post-Season 2. As this is regional, some information may not apply to the RU, JP, or Global versions of the game. You can find gameplay of LAO Season 2 KR from my Twitch or YouTube channels. For corrections or questions you can reach me on Discord at Saintone#4599.

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