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Housing – State

Housing Es una Isla personal que donde puedes enviar barcos a misiones, craftear items.puedes recorrer la isla para mejorar...

Torre Demoniaca

TORRE DEMÓNICAContenido individual Todos los aventureros que querían conquistar las...

Sala de la Reminiscencia

Sala de la ReminiscenciaContenido individual Si desea revivir sus recuerdos...

Sala de Entrenamiento

Sala de EntrenamientoContenido individual Accesible tocando un instrumento musical, la Sala...

Navegación – Mar

VIAJESContenido individual Cuando viajes por el mar, las tormentas pueden...

Guardian Raid

GUARDIANS RAIDContenido diario 1 ~ 4 jugadores Con una vida...


MÚSICAContenido individual En Lost  Ark , cada clase tiene su propio instrumento. ...

Misión de Epona

Misiones Epona Contenidodiario e individual Completa misiones recomendadas por Ignea...

Buena Relación

Siera Prideholme (Retharmis)Ir al Mapa Tiempo requerido: 10d Requisitos: La...

Mazmorra Secreta

Mazmorra SecretaContenido regular: 1 ~ 4 jugadores Hay lugares invisibles...

Expedition Territory (Private Housing)

You’ll get the quest to learn the song which will take you to your private home very early on in the main questline. Proceed with the questline when arriving for the first time to re-name your home and learn the basic functions of the island. Nineveh’s Blessing can be purchased separately from Beatrice’s Blessing on the cash shop, which gives some extra bonuses to your Expedition Territory. As the Expedition Territory is largely an optional content to begin with, I don’t think it’s very important to pick up in comparison to Beatrice’s Blessing, unless you really want to advance your island faster. Your Expedition Territory can level up by successfully researching, forging, and dispatching. Actions are limited by your Expedition Energy, which recovers slowly over time.


Opens the management interface. From here, you have access to your Research, Forge, Dispatch, and Manor tabs.

  • Research: This allows you to learn how to create new recipes, unlock Expedition Warehouse inventory slots, reduce the cost and time to do Expedition Territory actions, reduce the cost and time of Dispatch, and more. Research operates like a tree, and of course as you research new things like improved workbench, you will unlock more things to research. Please pay attention to Gold and Pirate Coin costs to perform actions here in addition to material costs. Research requires Common Log and Common Stone.
  • Forge: This is where you craft things like Battle Items, food, furniture, Advanced Refining Materials, and profession tools.
  • Dispatch: This is where you can send out your expedition sailors, pets, and boats to complete missions for you. There are two types of expeditions, Normal and Special.
  • Normal Expeditions use Pirate Coins, ship durability, and Expedition Energy to gain Pirate Coins, Trophies (exchanged with visiting merchants for goods), and island EXP.
  • Special Expeditions use the same as Normal Expeditions in addition to resources used to enter content to complete content such as Guardian Raids, Cube, Boss Rush, and Chaos Dungeon for you. Note that by sending a dispatch to do this, you are not doing it yourself but still consuming the entry resource. The rewards will also depend on the chance of your crew’s performance. It is almost never worth sending out the Special Expedition unless it’s for a daily content that you know you cannot be online to do that day.
  • Dispatch missions will consume ship durability, but this ship durability is not the same durability you use Shillings to repair with. This ship durability must be repaired using Common Log and Common Stone, which can be very pricey. Low durability on dispatch ships doesn’t prevent you from using it to sail.
  • You must Research how to use other ships in dispatch missions.
  • Manor: You can equip structures and costumes in your manor to gain small passive bonuses to your Expedition Territory’s actions. You natively start with two structures and two costume slots, but can use Research to unlock a third.


Opens the arrangement interface. You are able to place down furniture and characters on your island. This is purely decorative.


Costume interface. From here, you’re able to purchase alternative costumes for NPCs that you have unlocked max affinity with. Besides visuals, these costumes have bonus effects for your Expedition Territory’s general performance. The costumes are equipped to the manor’s costume tab, and obviously paid costumes give a small bonus. NPC costumes are typically around 300-350 Blue Crystals.


Shifts the foreground view angle for a more cinematic look. You can complete quests on your Expedition Territory to get tickets which can speed up research or dispatch times. Even though I consider this content largely optional, there are still a lot of decent perks for doing it, so I don’t think it should be fully neglected. Just don’t go gung ho on crazily buying out Common Log and Stone. Or do, some of those folks need to make Gold somehow.

Credit by Saintone’s

This is information aggregated during my time playing Lost Ark on the Korean servers post-Season 2. As this is regional, some information may not apply to the RU, JP, or Global versions of the game. You can find gameplay of LAO Season 2 KR from my Twitch or YouTube channels. For corrections or questions you can reach me on Discord at Saintone#4599.