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Lost Ark Map

Update Log

Created by lostark-es.com, this Lost Ark map will help you, among other things, to complete each continent's Adventure Book, obtain Island Hearts, find Mokokos, Hidden Stories and Other Stories, Quests, Treasure Box and Treasure Maps.

- 22/09/2020 - Version 1.9 -

New Territories: Payton.

Payton Continent

Cities & Dungeons: No Name Canyon | Calaza Village | Howling Swamp | Shady Cliff | Castle Ruins | Red Moon Trail | Cave of Sin

Yorn Territory Updated

New popups with detailed information were added to the marks in the maps. You can access this information about Mokokos' location, missions, NPCs and more by clicking the mark name inside the map.

- 18/04/2020 - Version 1.8 -

New Territories: Rohendel and Yorn.

Rohendel Continent

Cities & Dungeons: Place of Dreams | Shadow of El Horn | Glass Lotus Lake | Roarun | Destroyed Jenna | Wind Scent Hill | Silver Wawe Lake | Land of the Spirits

Yorn Continent

Cities & Dungeons: Beginnings Land | Great Castle | Unfinished Garden | Black Anvil Workshop | Iron Hammer Workshop | Land of Promise | Awesome Brewery | Ark of Oman

- 05/11/2019 - Version 1.2 -

New Mark Added:

- Secret Passages

Secret Passages marks where added for all Continents, soon a detailed information will be added to explain how to use the Secret Passages in Lost Ark and how to obtain the hidden Mokoko Seeds

Updated Marks:

- Treasure Maps

New Treasure Maps marks where added for all Continents and Islands. In the "Secret Dungeon" section, you will be able to see all Lost Ark Treasure Maps in all continents and go to their specific location.

- 23/10/2019 - Version 1.0 -

*Cities Maps from the following Continents: Artemis, Eudia, West Lutheran, East Lutheran, Tortoyk, Anich, Arthetine, North Bern, Sushire.
*Included Marks: Hidden Stories, Other Stories, Elite Monsters, Boss, Viewpoints, Cooking Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Favor NPC, Mokoko, Minuet of the Forest, Song of Resonance, Merchant Lupeon Seal, Hidden Quest, Group Quest, Treasure Box, Play Instrument, Treasure Map, Repair, Warehouse, Mail.

Artemis Continent

Cities: Agiloth´s Tail | Borderland | Angemoss Foothill | Leon Hart | Log Hill | Dug Talon Dig Cave

Eudia Continent

Cities: Sapira Cave | Ozhorn Hills | Morai Ruin | Saland Hills

West Lutheran Continent

Cities: Gray Hammer Mine | Bilbryn Hills | Plain Wars | Medrinic Monaster | Ridge of Brillance | Lakebar | Jagoras Mountain

East Lutheran Continent

Cities: Underground Cathedral | Lastra Forest | Black Rose Cathedral | Raia Terrace | Borea Territory | Mane Wave Harbor | Lutheran Castle | Diorica Plain | Solar Halo Hill | Pear Tree Wildland | Crokernis Beach | Crying Storm

Tortoyk Continent

Cities: Tortoys in the Body | Silent Giants Forest | Pirate Lair | Striding Rock Forest | Sweet Forest | Mokoko Village | Sea Fragance Forest

Anihc Continent

Cities: A Cave | Mirror Valley | Twilight Haze | Boundary of Life and Death | Delphi Prefecture | Forest of Sound | Yeon's Barrier | Wisteria HillJeok's Barrier | Full Mon Hanok | Harbor City Changchun

Arthetine Continent

Cities: Heart of Krater | Battle Ant Nest | Ehrgeiz | Nebel Horn | Craked Ground | Rize Waterfall | Red Sand Desert | Stern | Barren Passage | Wind Hill | Eichmann's Research Station

North Bern Continent

Cities: Gorgon's Dungeon | Pesnar Plateau | Bernil Forest | Parna Forest | Ancient Ruin of Elberia | Balankar Mountain Range | Bern Castle | Krona Harbor

Sushire Continent

Cities: Circle Side | Labyrinth of Mirror | Frozen Sea | Frozen Prision Plateau | Ice Butterfly Cliff | Regen's Village | Razor Wind Hill | Baeddan's Hideout | Lake of Stalled Time

Islands Navigation Map (96)

*Included Marks: Islans, PvP Islands, Ports, Native Villages, Merchant Ship, Dungeons, Ghost Ships.

Island's List and detailed Maps


  • Island of the Years
  • Reminescent Island
  • Orbis Island
  • Everglade Nest
  • Forgotten City
  • Duki Island
  • Island of Wisdom
  • Freedom Island
  • Black-Tooth Post
  • Silent Island
  • Mercia
  • Totopia
  • Sleeping Song Island
  • Pomona Island
  • Boom Bling Island
  • Giant Mushroom Island
  • Bikini Island
  • Ribeheim
  • Small Lucky Island
  • Distorted Dimension Island
  • Torrent Island
  • Naruni Island
  • Twilight Island
  • Gravis Resort
  • Hypnose Eye
  • Welcome Butterfly Island
  • Isle of Dreams
  • Harmony Island
  • Primeval Island
  • Island of Hope
  • Atropose
  • Blue Hole Island
  • Valpurgis
  • Metus Island
  • Island of Rejoice
  • Nichel Tarov's Thought
  • Thick Mist Ridge
  • Bolard Island
  • Club Avinue
  • Fortuna
  • Lonely Island Oper
  • Sunflower Island
  • Starlight Lighthouse Island
  • Panda Papu Island
  • Ocean Paradise Payto
  • Erasomoui Island
  • Lopang Island
  • Estella
  • Toto Silver Island
  • Notos Island
  • Forpe
  • Turtle Island
  • Death Valley
  • Fugitive Village
  • Opportunity Island
  • White Waves Island
  • Duki Island
  • Kaltes Herz
  • Alaquer
  • New Moon Island
  • Dreamy Seagull Island
  • Secret Base X-301
  • Golden Wave Island
  • Alteisen
  • Duki Island
  • Speeder Island
  • Meteora
  • Monte Island
  • Isle of Longing
  • Isle of Eternity
  • Carmine's Post
  • Isle of Shadows
  • Tranquil Island
  • Unknown Island
  • Lucky Island
  • Island of Ice and Fire
  • Ice Maze Island
  • Cold Home
  • Argon
  • Broken Glacier Island
  • Duki Island
  • Cradle of the Sea
  • Mureung Island
  • Mureung Island
  • Mureung Island
  • Gisbroy
  • Misguided Island
  • Pirate Town Atlas
  • Outlaw Island
  • Goblin Island
  • Isle of Mist
  • Lush Reed Island
  • Slime Island
  • Hallucination Island
  • Medea
  • Surado

Lost Ark Sailors

Lost Ark - Sailors

Sailing is a fundamental activity in Lost Ark, a significant part of the map is surrounded by the seas and there are a lot of activities that can be done in the ocean:
  • Fishing
  • Gathering
  • Hunting
  • Treasure Hunting (Shipwrecks)
The sea is also a dangerous place, so you must know the strength and the weaknesses from both your ship and, even more important, your crew. The sailors play a fundamental role since they allow you to:
  • Improve your ship's capabilities (resistances)
  • Improve your capability to do different activities (fishing, hunting, etc...)
That's why we prepared this recap with all the available Sailors in game, along with their abilities so you can know the advantages they can bring you.